4 tips for simple living

If you want to start clearing out your time schedule and hope to move toward clean, simple living, I have a few tips for you. After all, we have to start somewhere. Me, I started with this simplify your life book. Its good, and deep work for those who want to understand. For the rest, let me bring you some tips.


It always comes down to this. Christmas season is here, discounts from the black friday are still fresh in the memory and we are already getting the christmas discounts. Soon enough there will be a boxing day sale. It all feels nice, but causes your home to swell up and you can loose your breathing space in between all the new and old junk. Sorry I mean gifts and discounted collectables.

Make a commitment and clean up your living room, your bedroom and your kitchen in next three days.


Hardly better start of a day than with meditation. It clears your mind, energise you… There is a good description of meditation for beginners in the how to simplify your life book here. You must have heard of the health benefits. Good time to start and meditate every morning.


Hey, water is most of your body anyway, lets dive or go skinny-dipping. Preferably in some warm pool unless you happen to live in southern hemisphere. Kind of cold here in December, where I live.


Meditation is nice, but Personally, I like the free movement coming with martial arts and tai-chi in particular. So grab a sweatsuit, and perhaps even a partner… and show off how flexible you are.

Care to come up with some more tips?

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