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When you are planning to take your relationship to a serious level or in finally tying the knot, verifying the “single-status” of your partner is just appropriate. Deceitful marriages happen every day and you don’t want to be the next crying lady. Vital records are not a pain to obtain in this age and time. Birth, death, divorce and Texas Marriage Records can be requested via electronic and customary route. It would be foolhardy not to take usual precautions when it comes to making any life-affecting decisions such as going into matrimony.

The Texas Vital Statistics could only provide verification letters which would state whether or not a marriage or divorce was recorded in Texas State based on the marriage or divorce applications sent to the Vital Statistics Office by the county or district clerk. If there’s no record of marriage found, the verification letter itself would serve as a valid proof of a “single status”. The Office can only provide letters for marriages that occur from 1966 to the present. If you need a certified copy of either marriage licenses or divorce decrees, you have to get it from the county clerk (marriage) or district clerk (divorce).

Both online and offline methods for ordering marriage verification are available. The former procedure can be done via the official eGovernment site of Texas which could process your orders in approximately 10-15 business days. Offline methods can be either walk-in or mail applications. Verification cost through the Texas government channels is $20 per order. Marriage lists or Indexes may also be purchased or downloaded free of charge from the Texas Dept. of State Health Services webpage.

Similar to any other state, records outside of Texas jurisdiction cannot be served. Those of you who would like to obtain marriage or other vital records of other states will have to contact the National Center for Health Statistics. However, since there’s no interstate searches so if you want to search multiple states it only means a state by state lookup.

Indeed that’s a lot of work and research to do when you have to perform multi-state searches. Or, the option of traveling from state to state would sound even more unappealing. Record-searching via traditional methods is characteristically lengthy and involves certain procedures that may be restrictive. There are times that you have urgent needs and purposes for conducting a vital record search. With the busy modern days, time is very valuable.

You can actually turn to the professional help of a web-based Free Marriage Record Search provider. Since the record retrieval industry is ever growing, it has increased the bar of quality resulting to more competitive, reputable sites. Although a fee is involved, it is anyway reasonable in exchange for immensely helpful data that you can garner from the database. If you think that you would need a couple or so other state searches, a good online record provider would be most practical.

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