Singapore Attraction during Chinese new year

Some more month to go for Chinese New Year in Singapore. CNY celebration in this country is usually start 1 week before the actual date.

The festival is for marking the transition from the winter to the summer season. CNY is base on the lunar calendar and is often referred to as Spring Festival in Singapore.

This island country celebrates this occasion as a national festival and which is a major holiday across the nation. Allmost all the commercial centers and shops remain closed all over the country. The traditional Chinese New Year is celebrated with feasts and firecrackers.

Another important feature of the celebration of Chinese New Year eve in Singapore is the Lion Dance. The dance is an important cultural part of Chinese and is an integral part of the celebration of New Year.

The Lion Dance is much influence by Kung fu movements and local dances. The format of new year celebration is basically includes everything that is native to China.

Let’s celebrate Chinese New Years 2014 in Singapore

Lots more coming soon!

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