The Secret of Fruits and Vegetables for Better Health

It’s a well-known fact that people need to have about five fruit and vegetable servings each day. The secret is how to get those servings in our busy lives. Convenience foods just don’t provide what we need and it is easy to let weeks pass by without getting the necessary fruit and vegetable intake that we need.

There are some easy ways to sneak in the valuable servings. The suggestions may take some practice but it pays off in the long run. Adopting some of these simple suggestions into your daily routine will help you get the fruit and vegetable quota without much thought.

Sometimes we obsess too much about what we are eating. It is great to be health conscious but we may have a setback if we feel overwhelmed. The good news is that the five fruit and vegetable servings are not quite as difficult to fit into our menus as some may think.

There are plenty of products that offer quick fixes to the problems and these include fruit and vegetable juices. While these products are great for helping people meet the quota, there are some drawbacks. You may feel a little too hungry when taking in nutrients through juices.

When a person feels unsatisfied, he will tend to grab food on the run and this food rarely consists of a fruit and vegetable snack. The hunger busters tend to be high in calories and fat and low in nutritional value. These foods will wreck havoc on a person’s diet and they are the main source of many weight problems.

Fruit and vegetable juices are great filler but you really want to add lots of fresh produce to your diet. Simply adding extra veggies in your regular cooking is all that it takes in most cases. Add a little mushroom, onion and bell pepper on your pizza or put lots of veggies on your sandwich. These little changes really add up.

Some eaters are really picky and they may not have the fruit and vegetable group on the top of their favorites. Few people do. You can still sneak in some valuable veggies by adding of a package of frozen spinach into your next batch of brownies. Just mix in a food processor and the spinach will be undetectable.

Just look for food items that include fruit and vegetable servings in their ingredients. Snacking on salsa and chips is a great way to get a little bit of what you need. While fresh is best, getting in your fruit and vegetable servings in each day is easier if you find some prepared foods that have healthy ingredients.

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