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Doing genealogical research is quite popular nowadays, especially when one has an accurate and coherent source of information. When it comes to this sort of task, Virginia Death Records are quite comprehensive enough to provide adequate details that can help you in your query, most especially if your research is focused on the state of Virginia. Due to the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act, people from all walks of life can have access to such information without worrying about breaking any laws.

In the state of Virginia, the State Health Department oversees the Office of Vital Records and Health Statistics, which in turn maintains all vital records and documents in the state. If you want a certified copy of a particular death record, this is the office where you file your formal request. This is also the place where you pay any charges required through money order or check. The office can provide records of deaths that occurred in the state from 1853 to 1896, as well as deaths that are dated from June 14, 1912 up to the present.

In this state however, the immediate family members of the deceased are the only ones allowed to gain access to the death record and all the information contained within it. Members of the general public and other interested parties can only be able to access free public death records fifty years after the fact. Upon filing a request to the Office of Vital Records and Health Statistics, it is essential that you include certain important details in your request, such as the complete name on the death record you are trying to get a hold of, your relationship with the deceased, the date and place of death, your reasons for requesting such records, your contact information, as well as your signature.

Another good place to visit when trying to get the files that you need in your research is the Library of Virginia. In the Archives Division, you can get hold of copies of Virginia death records that are dated from 1853 to 1896, as well as death certificates dated from 1912 to 1939. For people who live out of Virginia, this might require significant travel time since you will have to personally visit the Archives Division in the Library of Virginia in order to get the files and documents you require.

Luckily though, the Office of Vital Records in Virginia has made available three relatively convenient ways to get hold of these types of documents. The first option that you have at your disposal is through the postal mail, which will take several working days, or even weeks to process. The second option is the walk-in method, which obviously is a lot quicker in terms of processing time. All you have to do is visit their office, file an application, pay the required processing fees, and present any valid photo identification. Finally, the third option that the state has provided is through the Government Registry.

Although the three options that the state of Virginia has provided is quite effective in its own way, there is another option that guarantees fast, precise, and reliable service. With online professional record providers, you can gain access to free public death records more efficiently and conveniently. Most of these online record providers offer good quality service and comprehensive results in exchange for a relatively small one-time fee. So if you’re on the hunt for a dependable source on your genealogical research, this may just be the thing you are looking for.

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