How Saunas Compare to Each Other

Infrared Sauna Vs Regular Sauna Usage – Why you need to use saunas to induce sweating

We are living in an increasingly contaminated environment, and while steps are being taken to keep our environment cleaner, we still have to deal with what is already in our bodies today in order to lead a healthy life. It’s been shown that during a typical 15 minute sauna session, the skin will excrete more heavy metals and other toxins than would take the kidneys 24 days to excrete.

The effect of heating and cooling the skin in sauna baths

When the skin in heated during sauna sessions, the capillaries dilate to increase blood flow to the body which causes a reduced blood pressure and forces the heart to beat faster, which is good for strengthening the heart. The faster movement of the blood helps to flush the kidneys and liver of impurities and the excess is sweated out from the skin.

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