Renting Your Apartment Rules

If you overprice your house there is a good chance it will sit on the market for a long time. Eventually you will probably have to lower the price. When you price too high, your house makes more competitively priced houses look like bargains. When your agent suggests a fair asking price, seriously consider it.

When getting your apartment for rent in Bangalore make sure you give it a fresh coat of paint and a thorough cleaning. If one of your bedrooms is pink because your granddaughter sleeps there when she spends the night — paint it! The same is true of the golf themed wallpaper in the study and … well, you get the point. The rooms should be painted neutral colors, be clean and uncluttered.

When you take a look at the outside of your house the same rules hold true. The old swing set your kids played on 25 years ago still brings back wonderful memories — to you. To the couple buying the house it’s nothing but a 30 year old swing set they’ll have to get rid of.

renting a house you have lived in for many years may be very difficult. If it is time to sell, however, you must detach yourself from your emotions and look at the sale as a business transaction. You will always have the memories of the wonderful times you had raising your family. Now it is time to think about how much joy your house will bring the next young family that moves in!

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