Read Diet Blogs on Fast Healthy Smoothies

Diet and weight loss blogs are all atwitter with this new diet and meal replacement alternative: fast healthy smoothies you can do at home! The great thing about smoothies is that as long as you can blend it, you can add it!

When counting calories for smoothies, go with fruits that give you lots of flavor without loading you with sugar and calories. Watermelons are perfect for fast healthy smoothies since you can buy them cubed or balled at the supermarket. In fact, you can get a couple of small containers of watermelons and when you want to make a smoothies, just add one container as one serving. Calories per 1/2 cup of watermelons is only 46. So this means that you can use 2 cups and still be okay!

Have you tried ripe papaya in your smoothies? Papaya are naturally sweet plus they are a good source of antioxidants. They also are great in giving your smoothie a rich consistency. Add them to your smoothie especially if you’re using vegetables, too. Papaya will balance the taste of your veggie smoothie so that it will be easier to drink.

If you’re looking for great ways to make smoothies, visit blogs that give you recipes on how to make fast healthy smoothies. You will learn a lot from their kitchen successes!

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