What To Consider For Your Parents’ Move

When the time comes to find a nursing home or retirement community for you aging parents, you want to be sure to pick a great spot for all of the right reasons. Have you thought about what all of those right reasons are? Do you feel like you may be forgetting something? Here is a quick checklist to review to ensure you are not forgetting something by mistake.

– Consider your parent’s health needs

– Consider the location of the community in location to where adult children and grandchildren live, to where your parents “extracurricular” activities are such as religious organizations, community clubs, etc.

– Consider the price compared to other locations

– Consider the accreditation and licensing of the community itself; have any awards been won or any special recognition accomplished

– Consider the long term needs and short term needs of your parents

– Consider your parents input, on where they would like to live

There are just some of the perspectives to take into consideration. Talk it over with the family, and take a tour of your top three locations. Also check out www.hermitagerichmond.org

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