Pacing And Lupus Symptoms

Learn How To Pace While Living With
Lupus Symptoms In Women

So what have you got planned for today?

Get the children ready for school, go to work, go home and
do some household chores, collect the children from school, make the evening
meal, help the children with their homework and make the packed lunches ready
for tomorrow.

Does this sound familiar to you and on top of this you have
to cope with your lupus symptoms in women. There are just not enough hours in
the day and all your body wants to do is sleep, even when you wake up in the

You know something has to change and that you can’t keep on
like this your body just can’t take it.

Finding a good coping strategies that works for you can be
very difficult especially if you are not really very sure how to pace yourself.
You know that you need to do this as your lupus specialist keeps telling you to
do so.

Getting back control of your life can be done lupus symptoms
in women and pacing
is a good place to start, it explains what is meant by
pacing and gives you some suggestions on how to implement them.

Once you have implemented some the lupus symptoms in
women pacing strategies you should feel better and your lupus flares should
become much easier to handle.

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