My Mum Has Lupus Symptoms In Women

Lupus Symptoms In Women And Family Life

Living with lupus symptoms in women can be very difficult
for the sufferer, but it also can have a big impact on their children lives.

After suffering with a particularly long bad lupus flare, I realised that it was not just me who was dealing with this we
all were as a family.

This time the lupus flare caused a lot of
upset and fighting within the family. At the time the communication was at an
all time low and we were all dealing with different difficult situations in our
own way.

Impact Of Lupus Symptoms In Women Flare

My husband was taking his frustration out on his work mates
and he was an also making work related mistake, as he was not able to
concentrate properly on his work. The end product of this was that he got the

My children became difficult to handle and
unhappy, fighting with each other and being naughty at school. Once I was well enough to talk
properly with them and reassure them that everything was going to be all right
they settled down.

Lupus Symptoms In Women is all about the whole family living together, talking with each and finding the best ways to cope with a lupus symptom in women’s flare.

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