Guide To Missouri Court Records Public Database Access

Missouri has become an open state after the Freedom of Information Act was in place. This has made the Missouri Court Records Public Access generates for its people available for request any time that they need such documents. These documents include, but are not limited to: birth, marriage, death, divorce as well as criminal records.

Birth, marriage, death and divorce certificates are among the sources of information when conducting genealogy research. These documents can also prove one’s identity especially when dealing with transactions in the government. Each document has its own purpose. Claiming the insurance of the decease would require a death certificate, while verifying the marital status of an individual can be checked from a marriage or divorce license. The criminal records are the primary source when conducting a background check. This is usually done by business owners to make sure that the people who work for tem have a clean criminal history.

A public document would contain the name of the involved individual. The document would focus on information that is related to the type of document it is. Death certificates contain details about the death of a person. Marriage records would then have only the information about the marriage of a couple. Divorce license would contain the details about the separation of a married couple. The records of the crimes that an individual has committed are found on a criminal record.

The documents may have been opened to the public but access to it is allowed if the one who requested it is the person on the record or their immediate families. A public document also has the basics of the incident. There is information that remains private only to the person involved. An example would be the reason why the couple decided to separate. This particular information is not displayed on the public divorce record to protect the privacy of the divorcees. Another would be the witnesses of a crime is not indicated on the public document to protect them from potential harm.

There are guidelines that should be followed in getting a copy of any of the public documents in Missouri. One has to pay corresponding fees in order to get the needed document. Records of birth, death, marriage and separation from 1909 up to the present are the only documents that the state can release to the people. One can get copies of those documents at the Vital Statistics office or the county where such event was registered. The criminal records of Missouri have to be requested at the Department of Public Safety. A request form has to be submitted with the basic information of the record being requested. This can somehow help speed up the process. One can also send a mail request to the appropriate offices.

The state of Missouri now allows the retrieval of government public records through the Internet. A lot of websites even offer to search for the records on your behalf. There are sites that do it for free while others offer it for a reasonable charge. It may be a little expensive than doing it on your own directly at the office but it is faster and convenient.

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