Fishing Guide Boat or Fish Farm?

There’s always a choice. One is do you prefer to use a fishing guide boat and catch your own fish, or do you prefer to get your fish from a fish farm? Your typical aquaculture farm isn’t accessible to the community, but many of these fish farms supply salmon, catfish, trout, and other freshwater creatures to farm fishing lakes. Basically, these are places where dads who don’t know how to fish can take their kids to catch their own fish. At this kind of fish farm, the lakes are literally jumping with them. The one we went to had hundreds upon hundreds of catfish, all bounding for the bait in a feeding frenzy. There is no challenge to catching something at a fish farm. There’s no sport to it at all. You drop a worm in the water and three fish bite for it. They are probably just committing suicide to get away from the crowded conditions.

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