Finding Some Really Healthy Food for Kids

In a day and age where childhood obesity is rampant and it seems that fast food places are becoming the norm, my wife and I are always looking for healthier options. Through research and a general desire to help our children grow up strong and healthy, we have found some very healthy food for kids that not only is good for them, but that they love to eat as well. Now that we have found these things, there will never be any going back to fattening, unhealthy foods.

One of the healthy food for kids that my wife likes to make is an ambrosia that she makes with non-fat whipped cream, mini marshmallows and a lot of different types of fruit. The sugar content is very low and there is almost no fat at all, and she cools it in the refrigerator the night before the kids come over so that it is nice and cool when they eat it. It is much healthier than ice cream and the kids absolutely love it. We try to keep the ingredients around the house so that they are always available when needed.

My favorite of all the healthy food for kids that we serve is graham crackers with peanut butter. These are going to have a little more sugar than the other snacks, but it is still not as much as most sweets kids would eat, and peanut butter is nutritious as well as a great source of protein. Another great thing that I have found about this particular snack is that it is filling for the kids, too. I have also discovered that their drink of choice with this snack is milk, so they are getting their calcium as well.

We always keep fresh fruit around the house as well, and yogurt, just to provide our children with a number of options if they get hungry. We think it important to have healthy food for kids around our house so that our own children and their friends can establish good eating habits early on in life and not run the risk for such problems as obesity and other illnesses. It seems to be working, and what makes us happiest of all is that the kids really seem to enjoy those foods!

Healthy food for kids is not hard to find, and can be really important in helping them to develop healthy eating habits when it matters the most. Combined with exercise, I know that my children are growing up healthy, and it makes us feel great when they have their physicals at school and everything comes out all right, while many of their classmates are already overweight or have other health issues.

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