Employees and Your Companies Code of Ethics

What is a corporate code of ethics?

The Corporate Code of Ethnics is a styled guide of principles on which a corporate structure should operate.

1414536107_Old_bossIn a sense, it is the expected behavior that the corporation will place on every individual that works for the company. These Ethics will apply expectations to everyone in the company, from the Chairman to the new hire.

The Corporate Code of Ethics promotes honest and ethical conduct, and urges employees to avoid conflicts of interest. The corporation lets employees know up front that if they fail to meet these expectations, they will be disciplined or terminated from the company.

Every document that sets policy must be followed by all members of the corporation. Some of these documents are required by law and must meet certain standards that are set forth in law. Some corporations will post the Corporate Code of Ethics on bulletin boards throughout the office, and on the corporate website.

The Corporate Code of Ethics prohibits all employees from profiting from business information that was obtained in the course of work that the corporation has paid them to do.

The personal information of employees is protected under corporate policy as well as that of the companies that they do business with.

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Under the Corporate Code of Ethics, all of the company property is expected to be protected by the employees of the company. This includes how employees treat and use the equipment, which can not be used for personal gain. While registered tradesman perform under corporate sponsorship, they also must maintain performance qualifications in the craft are of their profession.

An employee’s conduct must be above reproach under the Corporate Code of Ethics. Any situation that might be deemed questionable should be thought about carefully to prevent a situation where an ethics violation might be perceived.

If it is determined that the action does not follow the guidelines within the Corporate Code of Ethics, then the situation must cease immediately.

Under the Corporate Code of Ethics, all employees are encouraged to report any type of unethical action, especially fraud. The determination of whether fraud exists is a management responsibility.

Bringing the matter to the attention of the correct people to make that determination is clearly outlined in the guidelines for business that are set forth in the Corporate Code of Ethics. The employee is protected by corporate policy from being harassed or mistreated for providing management with possible infractions that are outlined in the Corporate Code of Ethics.

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