Dirty Air Duct Systems Can Drastically Effect Your Health

Failure to regularly inspect your air duct system can result in higher energy costs, the risk of fire and numerous health problems.

These problems are attributable to the build-up of deposits inside the ducting and to the efficiency of air filters that have become clogged or blocked with dust particles.

The risk of fire hazards is prevelant in commercial kitchens, where debris and dust can build up inside the system, as there is likely to be an abundance of grease removed from the air by the extraction systems. According to the US fire marshall, this is one of the leading causes of fires in restaurants and cafes.

Moisture and debris provide the ideal conditions for the development of mold inside ductwork. Mold can affect the health of people who are exposed to it. People are mainly exposed to mold by breathing in spores or other tiny fragments.

Symptoms of mold may be nasal and sinus congestion, asthma, sore throats, wheezing, skin and eye irritations or upper respiratory infections. Some people may have completely different reactions to a building’s air quality than others.

The spread of infection via air duct systems can be a particular hazard in buildings such as hospitals, schools and residential homes for the elderly, where there are likely to be many people who are susceptible to these conditions. They are already ill or frail, so their ability to withstand infections is not as robust as it would be if they were healthy.

Regular attention to air duct cleaning will reduce or eliminate these risks. An air duct cleaning company can do a thorough inspection of the system to identify any particular areas of vulnerability.

It will then suggest what frequency of cleaning is advisable and perhaps also include ways in which the system can be improved to help make access to the whole system easier. This is crucial in helping to ensure that it is cleaned efficiently.

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