Don’t Dillute Your Drinks Anymore!

Now don’t you just detest it after you have been sitting down by the pub having a wonderful chat and then have a drink of your ice cold refreshment to discover all of the crushed ice is dissolved as well as diluted your beverage? Many individuals would prefer our alcoholic beverages on the rocks. That ice cold liquid swished around the mouth taunting and enticing the taste buds produces a smile each and every time… that’s except when your booze has been diluted with the ice.

For those who sit sipping that refreshment for any length of time I’m certain you may have experienced this. Crushed ice has been used for decades in making alcoholic beverages cold, plus they do sort of sound great when swished all around a glass. The dilemma is, the crushed ice cube contains a incredible amount of surface area in comparison to the volume. This will make it more prone to dissolve more quickly.

The key to cool down a cocktail as well as keeping it chilled without watering it down is to use a big ice ball. An ice sphere has significantly less area to volume even though this would seem to be contradictory considering its overall size. There is really a mathematical formula to illustrate this… but just believe me for now. Ice balls melt more slowly than crushed ice.

Just how do you generate a nice ball you may ask? Well, there are a couple different ways.

1. You could sculpt away at a huge hunk of ice until it becomes a ball.

2. You could go out and buy an extremely pricey ice press that’s effectively 2 giant hunks of metal that will press together in order to shape a giant block of ice into a sphere.

3. Or you can buy a silicone mold which you pour water into and place in the fridge freezer and give it time to sit for a while.

The ice ball molds ( made of silicone are considerably less costly and much less difficult to operate and they are significantly less messy. There are many different kinds of molds on the market some are big sphere mold some are tray molds which can be like large ice cube trays that will make rounded ice however the best one I recently found is the ice ball maker from Kitchen Top Secret. They sell a six-pack of ice ball molds on

It’s rather great to have everyone visit and provide a beverage having an ice ball in it. When I first provided this to my pals they couldn’t cease chatting about it. I was told that it was like going to one of the trendy bars down the street. Now you may do the same. And with all of this knowledge you just gained concerning surface area and keeping cocktails cool it is going to sound like you are a professional!

More coming soon!

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