Whatever Is Diabetes Type 3? You’d Be Surprised

Perhaps the medical community hasn’t been giving diabetes as much attention as they need do. Yes, research into diabetes does receive a lot of attention. Yes, the public doesn’t get to read enough about it. And yet, if that were true, how was it that almost no one has heard of diabetes type 3?

Even confirmed medical news enthusiasts are often taken aback at how there could be anything other than type 1 and type 2 diabetes. When you dig more deeply into the whole thing though, you keep running up against a rather unexpected possibility. What they call diabetes type 3 actually answers to every description they have for Alzheimer’s disease. Is it possible that all this while that we’ve been looking at Alzheimer’s, we’ve actually been looking at a type of diabetes?

What researchers are finding today is that people who suffer from Alzheimer’s have serious problems with how their brain insulin production levels drop early on. If you think about it, a lot of stuff that happens with Alzheimer’s – the death of cells, the disorganized way in which the brain’s nerve cells begin to communicate and so on – are actually abnormalities that occur when there are problems when insulin signaling occurs in the body.

Doctors are beginning to should look into the possibility that Alzheimer’s may be an endocrine disorder. One that comes from how the brain has problems with its insulin production.

Now back up there a minute, you’re saying. What does that even mean – that the brain produces insulin. Well, recent studies suggest that it does do this. And when these levels fall dramatically, we come by all kinds of brain-related problems.

The scientists though still aren’t completely sure why this should be. Insulin in the brain is used as a signaling chemical – what helps the cells that make up the brain talk to one another. They’ve found that in the most serious Alzheimer’s cases, the brain’s levels of insulin nearly go missing.

But it’s still early days for study into diabetes type 3. At this point, researchers believe that while regular diabetes doesn’t actually cause Alzheimer’s, that it could be an excellent way to tell that a person might come down with it in the future.

When a patient has regular diabetes, it is possible to tell them to watch out for Alzheimer’s one day. When a diabetes patient is treated with antidiabetic drugs that make the body more insulin-resistant that’s a warning sign, too.

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