Getting Data For Georgia Marriage Records

In the state of Georgia, citizens can obtain certified copies of Georgia Marriage Records and other forms of vital documents at their leisure. There are three basic ways to acquire the documents you need, by mail, online, or in person. Marriage certificates are an official document that is recognized by the government, which legitimizes the union between two individuals. Vital records are a matter of public domain; therefore these kinds of dossiers are open to anyone who needs them, with the observance of due process, of course.

In the Peach State, all vital documents are the responsibility of the Georgia Division of Public Health. Its vital records section handles the storage and dissemination process of the records. The state office maintains centralized state records that go all the way back to the 9th of June, 1952. Certified copies of marriage reports between June 9th 1952 and 1996 are issued in this office. Documents filed before 1952 and after 1996, however, are handled at the county level.

If, for some unfortunate reason, you cannot find the document you are looking for at the Georgia Division of Public Health’s office, you may be able to find it by contacting the Probate Court or the Probate Judge’s office in the county where the marriage license was issued. The cost of a marriage certificate at the state office is ten dollars a pop. Accurate charges and requirements at the county level, on the other hand, may vary among each of the 159 counties in the state of Georgia. You can visit the official website of the state government of Georgia for more recent information regarding its information services and counties.

Marriage documents in this state are only available to the people whose names appear on the record itself. Third parties may acquire certified copies of the document with the notarized written consent of the couple or a court order from a probate judge. So even if it says “public record”, certified copies of these vital documents are still only accessible to the parties involved. At least as far as the state is concerned.

If you are doing background research on a particular individual and you want access to his or her vital information such as the person’s birth certificate or marriage license, you will want a source that can provide accurate and comprehensive data. There is one online resource that can do just that. Nowadays, online record retrieval services are the main tools for people who wish to conduct background checks and genealogy research. These online resources are easy to use, reliable, and cost-efficient.

Online record providers can give you access to comprehensive information pertaining to records of marriage, divorce, birth, and death. All of which will only require a short registration process and a nominal one-time fee. Reputable record search websites offer unrestricted access and unlimited searches of their extensive database of public documents. Records from all fifty states, including US territories like Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, are all available to registered members of the website. All you really have to do is enter the name, the state, and the type of record you want to access. No extra charges or red tapes.

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