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The complexities of life have made us especially careful when dealing with people. This has never been truer than in instances when somebody new comes into your life. This person can be a new nanny, or a new gardener, or a substitute cook. These are people that you entrust your family, too; so it is important that you ensure the safety of your loved ones before anything else. If the person, or persons, you are thinking of hiring are Massachusetts residents, you’ll be able to get the information you need by running a Criminal Records Massachusetts.

Since criminal records are open to the public in Massachusetts, getting the public information that you will not be difficult. This can be done by accessing a CORI, or a Criminal Offender Record Information. The CORI contains a Massachusetts resident’s criminal history. It is kept by the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services, or DCJIS, and was basically created to protect the Massachusetts from people, specifically sex offenders, who are considered as threats to the society or the citizenry. The CORI is free to access by school administrators, employers and other sectors or groups that hire people for various jobs.

Getting a CORI will require a person to complete a form before submitting it to the DCJIS. If you are employer who wants to make sure that the person, or persons, you are about to hire can be trusted, you will only be allowed to access criminal records if your probable employee is applying for a position that the state of Massachusetts has declared part of a regulation or law that prohibits you as employer to hire someone who has been convicted of particular offenses.

In the latter part of 2010, an online database containing information about criminal offenders in the state was created. This database charges a minimal fee to employers who would like to access the criminal offender record in order to evaluate their employees, or employee candidates. There are several guidelines, however, like presenting an authorization form for requesting the criminal records information. In addition, the employer must be able to verify the identity of the employee or employee candidate through an identification form given by the government.

There are many dos and don’ts involved in acquiring information the regular way, or from big institutions like the DCJIS. The easier and more efficient way is to go online and search for the data that you need through online databases. This is the fastest process as you don’t have to wait in line or for somebody to take care of your queries.

So, when doing a criminal background check, look for reliable online databases to get the best information in the best way possible.

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