Getting Copies Of Marriage Records Canada

Marriage reports and other pertinent documents in Canada are maintained and distributed by the vital statistics office in each of the provinces in the country. Like in the United States, Canada considers marriage documents, along with other vital reports, as public domain. Therefore, any member of the public is free to access Marriage Records Canada as well as any of its associated documents such as birth certificates, death reports, and divorce decrees. There are, however, certain fees that the individual has to deal with when requesting access to specific marriage accounts.

Getting your own marriage records is easy enough. But if you want to request a copy of another couple’s marriage report, the first thing you need to do is obtain a written consent from either of them, or if the couple is deceased, you can acquire a court order or consent from the next of kin. On the other hand, if the files that you are trying to access are more than 75 years old, then obtaining them will no longer require court orders or written consents, since marriage reports that are more than three quarters of a century old are deemed public information.

Once you have the consent, you can proceed to filling up an application form that will clarify your intent in requesting access to free marriage records and other vital documents. This application form can be acquired in person at the vital statistics office in the province where the marriage took place or through online means by downloading the form from the office’s official website and printing it out. You can then submit the form in person or via postal mail along with the appropriate processing fees and administrative charges.

Apart from the application form and the check to the amount that covers all the necessary fees, a photocopy of your driver’s license will also be required. You will then mail all the requirements to the city or province’s registry office or vital statistics office where the event occurred. In five or more working days upon receipt of your application, you will be getting your requested Canada marriage records via postal mail. Admittedly, such methods in obtaining vital documents take a significant amount of time to complete because of the processes involved.

Fortunately though, other alternative means of obtaining vital reports became available as the accessibility of the Internet became widespread. Today, several commercial record providers are getting the attention of many genealogists and professional researchers. Many data retrieval services have a wide-array of vital records database that covers Canada and the United States, including its territories like Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The extensiveness of such collection can help guarantee a high retrieval rate, which is what most genealogists are looking for.

Another clear benefit when opting for a reputable data search website is the cost. With online information fetching services, you can take advantage of the one-time membership payment package that gets you unlimited access to the site’s features, including its database of free marriage records from various parts of the US and Canada. If you do research professionally, the service can be a cost-efficient and practical way to gather vital documents and other relevant information.

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