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These medical advances were based around the paradigm of the “magic bullet”, separating the active component and using it to modify the chemistry of a single molecule/protein to generate a change of state in the patient. MRSA is gunning through our healthcare facilities as prescription antibiotics end up being serious and inefficient side effects of contemporary drugs are ending up being typical place now years after their introduction. A direct effect of a one-dimensional approach, it is maybe the time to acknowledge the synergistic health benefits of natural medicine.

Because of its breadth of action, Propolis is a special natural medicine. It has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and immunomodulatory impacts, it might help treat asthma, allergies, arthritis and joint conditions, eczema and dermatitis, ME, viral infections including HIV and even cancer. This medicine could help deal with an ailment or keep you fit and healthy.

Propolis: Defender of the City

Propolis is a mainly resinous element that bees collect from trees and plants. Aristotle reputedly coined the name Propolis suggesting “defender of the city”.

Evidence Based Medicine

In the following paragraphs I will explain to you the pharmacological buildings of Propolis. All the properties and actions of Propolis have been seen and detailed in scientific researches which have consequently been released in journals.

Propolis: A natural antibiotic

Propolis is most likely best known for its antibiotic properties. The outcomes have been duplicated numerous times and Propolis has even been revealed to be effective to MRSA2, the exact same antibiotic resistant bacteria that has contaminated up to 70 % of our health centers. A 1997 study by Calder et al. at the University of Oxford concurred with these outcomes and discovered that the cinnaminic acids and flavanoids present in Propolis in certain show bacteriocidal action.

Anti-Viral and immuno-stimulatory

They also trigger health problem by hijacking cells and using the cells equipment to replicate. Modern drugs aim to stop the virus or slow from the reproducing and consequently because they are assaulting host cell equipment they have particular side results.

The bioflavanoids in propolis have a unique approach to combating Viruses, rather of attempting to fight them once they have contaminated a cell, they lock the virus in its protein coat. This suggests that the unsafe machinery and DNA/RNA of the virus is nullified and the infection avoided.
Propolis has been shown to be more reliable than the pharmaceutical anti-viral acyclovir in treating herpes in a clinical trial performed in the Ukraine4 and there is growing evidence that Propolis could help treat people with HIV5.

Propolis also works tough as an immunomodulator which is of interest for everybody. It does this by modifying the method cytokine production and release is managed. Cytokines are the chemical messengers that permit immune system cells to communicate. By modifying the cytokine system, it primes the body immune system to be all set to react to antigens swiftly and successfully.

As this, bioflavanoids within Propolis promote the production of interferon which can assist individuals recuperate from ME, stimulating their immune system. This modification of the cytokine and interferon systems means that your body is ready to combat off infection and keep you healthy, making a case for using propolis as a supplement for great health, like vitamins. Prevention is better than the treatment.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergen

A study of Propolis customers showed that arthritis was the health issue that Propolis was had to treat the many. This is because of the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of the propolis constituents in specific CAPE (Caffeic acid Phenyl ester), CAPE has been revealed to suppress T cell activation.

Many of the experiments carried out on CAPE were done so in vitro, however the anti-inflammatory homes of Propolis have actually been recorded in rats when treating rat adjuvant arthritis. Any condition or disease related to inflammation could be helped by Propolis.


Propolis and CAPE have been revealed to decrease the size of tumours and to selectively ruin and to suppress the expansion of malignant cells of numerous various kinds of cancer. As recently as June 10th 2005 Cancer scientists have actually been given a grant of a million dollars to investigate the healing value of Propolis for cancer. Costas Koumenis the lead investigator for the research study was priced quote as saying, “a really fascinating equipment of these compounds is that they have been shown to trigger cell death in growth cells however not in regular cells.” This study along with other existing research studies assures to push Propolis into the limelight in the field of cancer treatment.

How to use/find propolis products?

A big variety of propolis items are available on the market varying from tablets, capsules, casts and liquids to expert products for skin care – soap, lip balm, creams and oral health care – toothpaste, mouthwash, lozenges and tooth and gum liquid.
Traditionally these have been readily available through natural food stores but are increasingly available in independent drug stores.

Propolis is a distinct natural medication because of its breadth of action. All the homes and actions of Propolis have actually been experienced and detailed in clinical research studies which have actually consequently been published in journals. A 1997 study by Calder et al. at the University of Oxford concurred with these results and found that the cinnaminic acids and flavanoids present in Propolis in specific show bacteriocidal action. A study of Propolis customers revealed that arthritis was the health problem that Propolis was had to treat the a lot of. Propolis and CAPE have actually been shown to minimize the size of tumours and to selectively damage and to suppress the expansion of malignant cells of many different types of cancer.

Picking the very best products is not constantly simple. Current policy indicates producers can not make any kind of medical claim for items that have actually not been certified as medicines regardless of the truth that there is a sound proof basis for such claims. Part of the reason for this is that no single body is accountable for guaranteeing that item offered for sale actually are what they say they are. Finding more information regarding original propolis diamond products with good price only at

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