Avoiding the Hazards of Unregulated Potato Cake Production

Backyard potato growers and substandard suppliers call their potato cakes the best in Australia, but their production processes are anything but.

We at Mountain Harvest Foods, however, acknowledge that producing great potato cakes call for the most stringent global standards to ensure safety and quality at all times. Hence, we applied for and have since been certified by HACCP food safety standards.

About HACCP Certification

Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) is a U.S.-based food safety system originally created by NASA to ensure food safety and quality while preparing and packaging food for astronauts. Fortunately, this space-age systems and food preparation protocols have made their way to every certified food manufacturer to ensure that each piece of food item prepared, processed and sold is of high-quality and is completely safe for human consumption.

Specifically, HACCP ensures that in Mountain Harvest Foods, each step of producing frozen potato cakes is on par with strict safety and quality standards. For example, even the oil temperature while frying our potato cakes is properly set and documented. We also make sure that each section of our factories and warehouses receives enough ventilation and is temperature controlled.

On a regular basis, HACCP-appointed inspectors review our farm, warehouse and factory to check if we consistently apply these standards. So, we make sure that all our systems, processes and practices are recorded as part of the HACCP requirement.

Why The HACCP Certification?

We all know, for example, that making a pizza in Italy is subject to established laws and regulations. From the origin of the ingredients to how the dough should be prepared to setting the right oven temperature, each process is carefully regulated to preserve Italy’s identity as the maker of the best pizza in the world.

Now, apply the same analogy to our signature potato cakes. Because of the lack of regulations controlling the production, many backyard potato growers and even substandard manufacturers resort to their own untested and unregulated skills to make potato cakes.

The result? Potato cakes come either in mashed form instead of slices, while others have uneven thickness, resulting in uneven cooking when the item is fried.

As if all these bad raps aren’t enough, recent news of a Richmond fan who posted discolored potato cakes on social media has recently captured the Australian food industry’s attention. According to the Herald Sun, Sharon Humphries ordered potato cakes from MCG caterers when she later found that two were unusually darkened and were “inedible.” “They were burnt outside and black inside. I didn’t know how dodgy they were until I opened them,” Ms. Humphries was quoted as saying.

For as long as food manufacturing processes remain loosely regulated, Ms. Humphries’s experience will only be one of the many cases that might likely happen if these uncertified food suppliers and small-scale producers continue their practices without the most appropriate regulations.

Hence, as one of the highly regarded frozen food suppliers melbourne, Mountain Harvest Foods has been HACCP certified to bring peace of mind to its frozen food distributors, wholesalers and eventually, the customers — fish and chips shops, takeaway shops, restaurants, hotels and fast food chains.

At Mountain Harvest Foods, our HACCP-certified standards start from choosing and planting the right potato seed, all the way to harvesting to processing and packaging. Thus we are 100% confident of our product, no matter where you purchase ours across Australia.

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