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Arizona Public Records Marriage are public documents that the state provides to its people. These documents are considered as open or public documents. The Freedom of Information Act has allowed the residents to request for a copy of the said document anytime they need it.

In the state of Arizona, such document is used in a number of reasons. Those who are updating their family records would refer to this document as reference in order to update the family tree. It has information that is necessary to complete the update and with this, the next generation of the family would be able to trace their origins much faster. Transactions in the government would often call for a copy of a marriage license. This is used as proof of one’s marital status. This is mostly required when the transaction involves the couple and in such cases if the marriage certificate is not provided, the request may be delayed, if not denied. For those who are planning to get married, some would conduct a background check of the one’s they are going to marry. The marriage certificate is one of the documents they check to make sure they are marrying an unattached individual.

A lot of information can be obtained from a public marriage certificate in Arizona. As the name suggest, one can find information about where and when the marriage took place. The names of the couple are indicated on the document along with their birth details. One would know the names of the couple’s parents and the names of the people who bear witness to the event.

In order to get a copy of a marriage license, in Arizona, one has to go to the office of the Clerk of Superior Court instead of the Vital Records office. The state office has a copy of the marriage document but the office cannot release it to the public. The state office can give you information as to where the document has to be requested if the county is unknown. Since, it is the county office that releases the document; fees would vary depending on the guidelines set by the county.

There are procedures that one should follow in order to proceed with the retrieval of a marriage certificate. When requesting for the document, one has to prepare the basic information that can be found on the record of interest. This information has to be indicated on the application form available at the county office. The form should also include the information of the one who filed the request. Such information will only be used to documentation reasons. By providing necessary information to make the search, the retrieval process can go smoothly and delay which is caused by incorrect or missing information can be prevented.

To avoid such hassle, one can do a free marriage records search through the Internet. The state of Arizona is now using the Internet to deliver information to the public. There are websites that allows a free search while some would charge a reasonable fee. Most of the residents would go for the paid option because the results they obtain from it are accurate and correct.

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