Achieve Fast Weight Loss by Eating Smartly

If you’re trying to achieve fast weight loss and have not been successful in the past, don’t give up. Studies have shown that you can achieve fast weight loss without the pills and expensive diet programs if you eat smartly. This means that you eat withing your calorie limit and cut down on foods that sabotage your diet.

Before you start, keep a journal of all the foods you eat in a day. Yes, that includes the chocolate bar you ate at lunch. This journal is not meant to criticize your eating habits, but rather to help you track your food intake so you can make better choices. It is not a failure if you have an occasional candy bar, but you just have to cut calories somewhere.

Fast weight loss also means that you know what foods to substitute when planning your meals. Salad dressings can be loaded with calories, especially the creamy ones. It’s a smart move if you switch to light olive oil and a squeeze of lemon and some herbs. Let the herbs flavor your dressing instead of salt.

When you’re hungry, go for fruits or nuts rather than a cookie or doughnut. What happens when you eat sugary foods is you want more! A small bag of peanuts, almonds or pistachios is always a better choice than a creme filled doughnut!

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